PSS Distributors offer SUPERIOR quality and outstanding service with nationwide accessibility.

New product development is essential to the business, therefore we have dedicated much of our resources to Research and Development as it is a vital element in our growth.   

We source the very best components worldwide and assemble in Australia whilst maintaining the highest standards possible to adhere to Australian certifications.

Our Gecko range of high IP (The IP Code, International Protection marking classified and rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion of dust, water etc.)Outdoor enclosures and 5A plug pack was recently developed and launched.  These Outdoor Racks are highly recognized Weather proof Aluminium wall & steel floor standing racks (IP55 to IP66 rated) for dust and water resistance.

Compatible with all 19” rack equipment   – High corrosion resistance with cable entrance. Glands plates and lockable protective covers on doors.

PSS uses information collated from customer feedback,  market trends, and needs. The product is designed and developed in Perth and sent overseas for manufacturing and testing. Once the finished product is received  final and ongoing testing is carried out before the delivery to customers. 

Excellence in service has been the key to our company’s fast growth. Our sales team’s enthusiastic approach, combined with, product satisfaction, and follow up assistance, has been key to excellence in customer service and reaching our goals.

The opening of  additional service centers nationwide, has reassured customers of continued growth and the commitment to our long term guarantee on products and “prompt” service. 

PSS has a philosophy of speed in service, with our dedicated email and call centre with a commitment of responding within 30 minutes to any email queries.   The faster a query or problem is solved,  the faster PSS has a happy and satisfied customer.

A large part of our success is a dedicated team  in constant contact with  customers and channel partners nationwide. The valuable feedback from these sources is collated and processed at weekly management meetings.

  • PSS is service driven with a 30 min call back policy.
  • PSS has a dedicated phone line and email specifically for quotes and enquiries
  • The website is user friendly and updated frequently.
  • PSS has an advertising campaign that keeps people updated with new products and promotions.

“I have worked with PSS Distributors for 5 ½ years. It’s a great company to work for, everyone is passionate and gives their best but we also manage to have a lot of fun.
It’s been interesting seeing the expansion over the last 5 years, and working with colleagues in 4 different states.”
Claire McKenzie
Claire has been employed by PSS for over 5+ years.


We believe Staff training is essential in our business. All new staff members undergo a week’s training, which includes an introduction to our products, as well as training on all areas of business, from technical to systems management to dealing with customers.

Staff receive manuals and electronic presentations to refer back to as required. We host compulsory training sessions to ensure that all staff are up to date with knowledge on new products we are introducing into the market, while also ensuring that they are well informed on our full range.
We host monthly Health and Safety training sessions, covering all health and safety areas.

Various financial incentives within our company, such as the bonus structure, is an additional motivator for our staff and as our business expands we ensure every staff member is rewarded for their effort. This practice is reviewed continuously. Quarterly company profit or bonus schemes are directly linked to profit margins nationwide, this enables the data to be sifted and sorted, allowing marketing to gather further insights into the direction the company, stock holdings and specific state turnover.