With our Power Quality and Load Analysis, we guarantee to fix your power problems, or the analysis is free! After the analysis, we will recommend the best preventative maintenance contract option for you. 

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Uninterruptible power supply systems safeguard your critical equipment and operations—whether medical, security, industrial, or IT—against power failures, sags, brownouts, surges, spikes, and electrical noise.   

  • Maintaining UPS Reliability. Regular UPS maintenance is crucial for the consistent reliability of your UPS as it prevents unexpected downtime or equipment failure.  
  • Preventing Equipment Damage. Without routine maintenance, a UPS can fail to protect against harmful power disturbances and risk significant damage to the equipment it’s meant to protect. 
  • Statistical Support for Maintenance. Research suggests that UPS units not receiving regular preventative care are nearly 4x more likely to fail. 

Our UPS Maintenance Protocols

  • UPS Maintenance Solutions. We offer various cost-effective preventative maintenance options. If you need a one-time UPS service or a regular maintenance contract, we have 3 different service plans. We can also build a custom plan for you. All our plans are available Australiawide. 
  • Analysis and Calibration. Our technicians inspect your UPS system and its load to pinpoint issues before they escalate. We ensure that system parameters are meticulously checked and calibrated, guaranteeing optimal performance after your uninterruptible power supply maintenance.  
  • Battery System Testing. Battery failures are a primary cause of UPS issues. Battery integrity tests form a core part of our UPS maintenance service. Our impedance, discharge, and thermal evaluations identify and rectify equalisation and capacity problems, preventing premature UPS repair needs.  
  • Comprehensive Reporting. After inspection and maintenance, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining the health of your UPS system. Should any concerns arise, we’ll provide expert advice on the necessary steps to ensure the continued reliability of your equipment.  
  • Dedicated Support. Customers who opt for our service contracts gain exclusive access to our 24/7 dedicated support line, so that assistance from PSS Distributors Australia’s best uninterruptible power supply maintenance company, is just a call away whenever you need it.   

Our UPS Maintenance Packages Include

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PSS offers nationwide UPS maintenance and servicing. We guarantee to solve your power issues.


Loan UPS

PSS Distributors has a wide selection of loan UPS units that cater to both short-term and long-term needs. Our extensive inventory ensures you have access to reliable power solutions, complete with all-inclusive lease options. 

Reconditioned UPS

PSS Distributors often has customers upgrading their UPS and trading in their previously loved units. We recondition units and batteries to a quality standard that allows us to offer a warranty upon sale. All refurbished units undergo thorough testing, including a 48-hour soak test under load. Available from 5kVA and above.   

Service Exchange UPS

Our Service Exchange UPS program offers a seamless solution to UPS repairs, featuring units equipped with new internal electronics and batteries, accompanied by a 2-year warranty. This process ensures your faulty unit is not wasted and the components are recycled responsibly.  

Customers who trust us

PSS Distributors dedication to excellence in UPS maintenance, repair, and service is unparalleled. Our passion for power security drives us to offer expert UPS service and maintenance to ensure your operations run smoothly without interruption. 

PSS Distributors partners with power specialists that exclusively specialise in UPS installation, commissioning, and servicing. 

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We offer our clients many years of experience in power related products and have more than 50 000 Uninterruptible Power Supply units in the market.

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