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PSS Distributors offers Power Quality / Load Analysis, we guarantee to fix your power problems, or the analysis is free!! After our analysis we can recommend which contract will be best for you.

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Why do you need to maintain your UPS?

UPS Systems provide protection against power failures, sags, brownouts, surges, spikes, and electrical noise. Whether your critical application is medical, access, security, industrial or IT, the reliability of your UPS is paramount.

However, if the UPS is not regularly maintained and kept in working order then it becomes redundant, allowing harmful power problems to affect and even damage the equipment you are trying to protect.

Research carried out by various UPS companies has shown that statistically the chance of UPS failure is nearly four times greater when the unit does not undergo regular preventative maintenance.

UPS maintenance Options

PSS offers a wide range of cost-effective preventative maintenance solutions, ranging from one-off servicing to fully comprehensive service contracts. PSS provide custom maintenance programs on most UPS makes and can customise a service package to include multiple systems and locations.

Our experienced technicians are trained to thoroughly analyse the UPS System and load to identify potential issues. System parameters are checked and calibrated if required. Testing of the battery system is a crucial part of UPS preventative maintenance, as battery failure can be a leading cause of premature UPS system failure. Battery integrity tests are conducted to identify equalisation and capacity issues.

These include impedance, discharge, thermal and rectifier calibrations if required.

You are presented with a comprehensive report and advised if any issues.
Contract customers have access to a 24/7 dedicated number.

Maintenance Packages include

For more information on each servicing package please the button below.

PSS offers nationwide UPS maintenance and servicing, we guarantee to solve your power issues

loan UPS

Loan UPS

PSS Distributors has a range of loan UPS’s available for short term and long-term hire. We have a wide range of loan and all-inclusive lease units, if you would like more information please fill in the contact form below or contact one of our friendly staff and we will assist in finding you a solution.


Reconditioned UPS

PSS often have customers upgrading their UPS and trading in their previously loved units. We recondition units and batteries to a level that can offer a warranty once sold. All reconditioned units undergo thorough testing which includes a 48-hour soak test under load. Available from 5kVA and above, please use the enquiry form below or contact our friendly staff for more info.

600va UPS

Service Exchange UPS

Take the hassle out of repairs. Service Exchange UPS have new internal electronics and batteries and come with a 2-year warranty. With a simplified exchange process that ensures that your existing faulty unit is not wasted and that the components are recycled responsibly.


Please use the enquiry form below or contact our friendly staff for more info.

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