UPS Warranty Registration

Your UPS Warranty Registration is held on your product’s serial number

RTB Warranty Statement

The standard warranty for all PSS Distributors (PSS) products is a 2-year return to base (RTB) warranty, based on the original purchase date from PSS. If proof of purchase date cannot be obtained, the warranty duration will be calculated from manufacturing date of the product. PSS’s standard procedure is to repair or replace the original product with a new or factory reconditioned product that is the same or closest product available through PSS. PSS will not pay for transportation of products under standard RTB warranty. Warranty will not apply if product is damaged during transportation, product has been opened, tampered with, modified, or repaired in any way beyond normal usage set out by the manufacturer. Product will not be covered under warranty if stored or used in improper or dirty conditions set out by manufacturer. For full warranty terms and conditions please refer to PSS website.

RTB Warranty terms and conditions

  1. PSS RTB Warranty and its benefits laid out in this document are in addition to all rights and remedies available to customers under statute or other applicable laws.
  2. This document outlines the terms and conditions of the warranty. If within the determined warranty period set out by this document, the product does not meet the specifications and was installed and operated in accordance with PSS and all applicable Australian standards and procedures, PSS will then correct any defects in material and workmanship upon the product returning to a PSS base (as determined by this document). (All subject to terms of this document)
  3. To make a warranty claim under this document the customer must obtain and return the correct completed RMA form or additional forms as outlined by a PSS staff member.
  4. RTB Warranty is a return to base 2-year warranty based on the purchase date from PSS. Warranty needs to be validated by proof of purchase. If no proof of purchase can be provided, PSS will use the manufacturing date to determine the warranty validity. If no manufacturing date can be determined – a warranty claim cannot be supported and is invalid. Warranty only applies to faulty materials or workmanship of PSS manufactured products.
  5. PSS standard process is to repair or replace the original product with a new or factory reconditioned product (if available) that is the same or the closest product available through PSS.
  6. If you require the original unit back due to their assigned tags/schedules etc. this must be declared at first contact with PSS Technical Support.
  7. PSS will not pay for any transportation of products or parts under the RTB warranty.
  8. The purchaser is solely responsible for ensuring that the site installation has been inspected and is safe and complies with local ordinances and that both the product and the site of installation is suited for the intended use. The purchaser alone is responsible for ensuring that the product purchased is suitable for and compatible with any other equipment to be utilised in conjunction with product in question.
  9. If a product cannot be returned due to being critical equipment or too large for standard transportation, parts can be sent from PSS to site to be installed/repaired by customer, a representative and/or contractor of the customer (at the discretion of PSS). This however may void the warranty and PSS is not liable for any further damages to the product and/or connected equipment. PSS is not liable for cost of installation/repair of product nor the transportation of spare/replacement parts. PSS is not liable for safety of customer, staff, representatives or contractors when installing, disconnecting or repairing PSS products.
  10. PSS is not responsible for ensuring all statutes and other applicable laws are enforced when installing/repairing PSS Products if undertaken by customer, representative or contractor.
  11. Batteries and/or batteries in products are to be operated within technical specifications and manufacturers guidelines. If they are not fully recharged at least every three months by qualified personnel whilst in storage, warranty will not apply.
  12. All warranties will be voided subject to:
    1. Damage during transportation or installation, product opened (beyond normal use dictated in user manual or by PSS), tampered with, modified, repaired, reconfigured/recalibrated or used in any way that is not outlined within the user manual.
    2. Product stored in or used in dirty or dusty conditions.
    3. 3 Product exposure to high humidity (+90%), corrosive substances and chemicals, stored or operated near liquid.
    4. 4 Product failure due to flood, fire, earthquake, incorrect utility voltage, pollution, foreign objects in the product, terrorism exposed to poisonous gas or any other ‘acts of God’.
    5. Misuse, neglect, unauthorised alterations or incompatible usage.
  13. If PSS, at its sole discretion, has determined that the product failure is not within the conditions set out by this document or is found to be ‘not faulty’, a minimum inspection and handling fee will be charged. This fee will need to be paid in full before the product can be collected.
  14. Blown fuses as a result of an overload are not considered to be a fault. If it is determined by PSS that that a product has failed due to a blown fuse, a handling and inspection fee will be charged. This fee will need to be paid in full before the product can be collected
  15. All hardwired products must be commissioned by an approved and authorised PSS Technician or Contractor. Commissioning must be completed within four weeks from PSS invoice date. Failure to do so will void warranty.
  16. PSS Products are not fail-safe devices and like all electrical, electronic and mechanical devices they have the potential to fail. Although they are well designed and manufactured along with PSS maintaining constant quality control checks, this should be considered when designing or using alongside any critical equipment.
  17. At no time or event shall PSS, its Directors, Affiliates or Employees be liable for damages that are seen to be caused indirectly, consequentially or punitively, arising out of the installation, service or use of its products, regardless of whether such damages arise in contract or tort, irrespective of fault, negligence or strict liability or whether PSS has had advanced notice of the possibility of such damage. (Subject to applicable laws).
  18. If a product malfunctions or fails, PSS will not be liable for any associated costs, such as; loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of income, loss of equipment, loss of software, loss of data, costs of substitution or claims by third parties. (Subject to applicable laws).
  19. This warranty specifically excludes any implied warranty against latent defect. Any implied warranty as to merchantability or as to fitness for purpose and is given and accepted expressly in lieu of any other expresses or implied guarantees or warranties at common law.
  20. Time is not of the essence in this contract and dates of delivery and of performance are furnished as business estimates only and will not be binding as contractual obligations upon us. The purchaser shall not be entitled to cancel or repudiate the order or to refuse to accept delivery on the grounds of delay on our part.
  21. PSS will not be liable for any damages whether direct or consequential as a result of our failure to deliver goods or products ordered, timeously, where inter alia, our failure to deliver arises from any labour dispute, delays in the supply of raw material to ourselves, or any other causes beyond our control.

PSS On-Site Warranty

PSS on-site warranty is an extension and shares the same terms and conditions to PSS RTB Warranty with the exceptions of changes to clause 4.

Clause 4 in respect to the On-Site Warranty is as follows:

  • 4. PSS on-site warranty includes the travel time of PSS technicians, spares and any related equipment to site along with time taken to conduct repair and testing within PSS normal business operation hours 08:00 – 17:00. A fee may be charged for conducting repairs outside of PSS normal operating hours. A fee will be charged for false callouts which include;
    1. 4.1. No faults or malfunctions found on the product within normal operating conditions.
    2. 4.2. A fault or malfunction has occurred on the product or on attached equipment due to changed site conditions or a change in operating setting, position of switches, change of load, change of attached equipment.
    3. 4.3. Damage to product arising from use outside of normal operating conditions, site conditions have changed to not support the running of the product or its intended use.
    4. 4.4. Damage to product arising from use outside of normal operating conditions, site conditions have changed to not support the running of the product or its intended use.


  • PSS – PSS Distributors PTY LTD
  • RTB – Return to Base
  • Base – location of closest service centre determined by PSS, may be specific to particular products.