Australia’s Toughest Conditions for UPS

PSS have been responsible for supplying Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to a range of sites with remarkable power demands. Our years of experience have given us the ability to match customers with the perfect power supplies for their applications, from mines to airports and everything in between.

This blog describes some of the applications that our customers have demanded of our UPS and what makes them so reliable. With this knowledge, you can trust PSS for your next UPS, along with the superior after-sales support that our team provides.

Mines & Quarries

Australia’s resources industry is one of the most demanding in the country, with high-powered equipment across large plots of land both above and below ground.

A functional mine requires reliable communications systems, security measures, data analysis, and all the pieces that come with them.

Fortunately, PSS keeps all of these systems running with our range of Master On-Line UPS. These units come in four sizes from 10KVA to 25KVA to suit your application.

With a range of stakeholders invested in the constant operation of mines across Australia, these companies can hardly afford to suffer a faltering power supply. That’s why PSS’ UPS can be found on the mines of big names like Fortescue Metals Group, Boral, and BHP.


They may not measure up to the demands of some mines, but airports require their equipment to remain reliable and durable at all times. As thousands of flights take off and land at Perth Airport, the facility relies on PSS’ Epower UPS range which offers on-line systems from 10KVA to 200KVA.

In terms of the consequences of UPS failure, there may be no tougher application than an airport. More than 10 million passengers passed through Perth Airport in the 2023 financial year, all of which relied on the instrumentation of one control tower. Proudly for PSS, such instrumentation has been supported by UPS installed by our team.


Staying in Western Australia, PSS has also installed UPS at Hollywood Private Hospital. As Australia’s third-largest hospital with 900 beds, Hollywood Private demands a lot of its equipment. The Epower UPS range makes another appearance at Hollywood Private, proving the versatility of the range.

At any one time, hundreds of patients rely on a secure power supply for life support systems, X-rays, lighting, surgical instruments and much more.

Elsewhere in healthcare, Canon Medical Systems has installed our PMU-T On-Line 3 phase UPS across its Australian operations. This ensures a reliable power supply for molecular imaging, retinal cameras, X-ray panels and many more pieces of intricate equipment.

Our Medi-X range has also been installed in pharmacies and practices around Australia, keeping vaccine fridges powered with battery backups, offering a runtime of up to 24 hours.

Away from hospital grounds, our equipment supports the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) with at-home installations. These NDIS UPS options come in line with the Scheme’s specifications for at least two hours of runtime at a specified load.

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PSS is a proud distributor of reliable UPS and does everything in its power to provide reliable solutions for Australia’s toughest applications.

If you need such solutions for your job site, get in touch and allow us to suggest a product that fits the bill.

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