Which UPS would be best for my CCTV system?

If you’d like to read about why we suggest you need a UPS for your CCTV system click here, if you’ve come from that article and you’d like to know which UPS system would be best for your CCTV system, we’ve got you… keep reading!!

We’re going to skip through all the technical lingo and get right down to the run times each UPS will provide your CCTV system.


We’ve made it easy for you by assuming the amount of camera’s, starting with the most common household setup, 4:



4 x camera & NVR (80 watts)8 x camera & NVR (160 watts)16 x camera & NVR (200 watts)
Eco-Alto 600va UPS for CCTV Camera Systems352816
Eco-Alto 800va UPS for CCTV Camera Systems383119
Eco-Alto 1000va UPS for CCTV Camera Systems725628
Eco-Alto 1400va UPS for CCTV Camera Systems856036
Eco-Alto 2200va UPS for CCTV Camera Systems14511270

*All calculations are estimations only

*Calculations are based on standard cameras (10watts each) and NVR with 3T storage and a modem  (40watts).

*PTZ, temperature and Bullet or turret dome cameras have a higher load.


The Eco-range is our entry level product and could provide a long enough run time if a burglar were to turn the power off before attempting a break in.

If you’d like longer run times, we have a range designed for security cameras to achieve run times for up to 36 hours, you can read about our CamSecure range here.

For any other run times please visit or calculator or contact us and we will a happy to help.



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