Why should you mount your equipment vertically in a data rack?

When selecting a data rack, once you know what size you need in terms of depth and RU, you have the option to mount your equipment horizontally or vertically.

Redback Racks have designed a series of specialty racks where you are able to mount your equipment vertically.



What are the advantages of mounting your equipment vertically?

Mounting your equipment vertically creates a smaller footprint, allowing the rack to fit into smaller more compact spaces.

Other features of our enclosed vertical racks VM.6904 and VM.6606 include:

  • Solid door and secure key –providing greater security
  • Cable entry (rear and top)
  • Earth studs
  • Cage nuts
  • Space to mount fans for ventilation
  • Holds up to 40kg

For more information on each of our vertical racks click the product code:

  • VM.6904 – 4RU 800mm deep (vertical) and 2RU 150mm (horizontal mounting)
  • VM.6606 – 6RU 450mm deep
  • BRV – Vertical brackets that can hold 2RU, 3RU or 4RU